We uniquely represent an end-to-end, complete, and continuously-improving production process.

We are a start-up, but not a conventional one.

We are a start-up, but not a conventional one. We are not only busy with data or algorithms either, but we are uniquely representing an end-to-end, complete, and continuously-improving production process. The entire excellence process and “AI-on-ultrasound” know-how behind our solutions are proudly ours. This is what makes Smart Alpha the world’s most promising AI partner for ultrasound.

Core R&D Principles

Our technology has machine learning, and machine learning has data at the core. The datasets we continuously curate for the product development process are ethically credible, including the datasets used for research activities. For this and some more reasons, we never use thirdparty datasets where we cannot track ethical compliance. Not only during dataset creation processes but for the entire production and validation steps, we follow ethical principles outlined in the Declaration of Helsinki and Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and Good Machine Learning (GMLP).

Approach to Data

SmartAlpha R&D team has unique values and follows strict rules when processing medical datasets. We know that seamless results in medical AI are only achievable by high-quality data. Hence, we refrain from using retrospective data or delegating the data collection process to third parties except for our multidisciplinary team that tailor-designs the entire process. To prevent uncontrolled bias or unstable results during clinical data generation steps, we’ve engineered unique methods to make sure that our guidelines are followed with no exception.

Multidisciplinary Action

Solutions are co-designed by medical professionals and SmartAlpha’s dedicated engineering team who approach our R&D from different aspects of perfection. Besides highly reputable medical domain experts, we employ engineered audit procedures for supervision of our AI in order to assure high-quality training datasets which is paramount for reliable AI-in-healthcare solutions.


When building unique AI solutions to make ultrasound more accessible, we are one of the stakeholders in the field. Providers, patients, and, most importantly, complementing medical device manufacturers are always in our proximity. We favor close contact with engineering, medical, and business teams from all parties to assure the impact we aim to create in the field. As a result, our solutions can do the magic assuring the widest compatibility with medical vendors.

Clinic Validation

Since the release of our initial solutions in 2020, we are passionate about getting more and more clinical feedback to build the best real AI solutions for ultrasound. Today, a significant number of clinics are independently testing SmartAlpha solutions and giving feedback – some recently commenced and a few have already published the outcomes of clinical studies. A study published in the Journal of Anesthesia reports high scores of accuracies, while another, appearing in Pain Journal, reports decreases in the duration and number of unsuccessful attempts for the procedures. See here.

Accurate Solutions