Designed with efficiency-proven “Medical Artificial Intelligence"

RH: Radial Head, AHC: Articular (Hyaline) Cartilage

SF: Synovial Fringe, CAP: Capitellum, RF: Radial Fossa

SmartAlpha’s multidisciplinary team of ultrasound, AI and biomedical experts work together at various settings to design the best algorithms which stay at the center of our solutions. Our AI-on-ultrasound solutions provide real-time guidance and feedback on the diagnostic quality of the image while highlighting and labelling the required anatomical structures.

You won’t be able to take your eyes off the
“Scan Success” indicator

When ultrasound image is captured from your ultrasound device, real-time visual assistance guides you for a diagnostic-quality exam.

Today, it aids the physicians on extended scanning protocols on peripheral nerve and musculoskeletal systems as well as most common single task examinations. Our artificial intelligence-guided ultrasound interpretation solutions have an infinite infrastructure for improvement which targets covering the entire human anatomy.

Why are ultrasound images grayscale?


Today’s ultrasound devices are not anatomy-aware. In other terms, they don’t have the intelligence to identify human anatomy. Therefore, they have no other option than to present the entire anatomy with different levels of black and white colors or shades of gray.

Our software solutions are widely compatible with existing ultrasound systems at the clinics. Once real-time image streams or pre-recorded clips are captured, thanks to the deep anatomical knowledge of our AI-based technology, key anatomical structures are auto-detected, labelled, and highlighted with color overlays.