Enable most clinicians use for  widely adopted to available. widely availab it the exams ultrasound imaging is  and ease of use makes ultrasound imaging an indispensable tool for radiologists as well as for other medical professionals who need to obtain imaging diagnosis or guide a therapeutic intervention quickly and efficiently.


Ultrasound is a safe, highly effective diagnostic tool — but it can be difficult to master, takes years of specialized training to learn, and image quality can vary.


Performing the exam involves unnatural hand-eye coordination and unintuitive visuals. Traditional ultrasound software doesn’t provide instruction on how to move the ultrasound transducer to capture an image, or any real-time feedback on the quality of images being captured. Poor quality images lead to missed opportunities, misdiagnosis, repeat studies, and inconsistent interpretation.


As a result, the true value and benefits of ultrasound have not been fully realized.