Artificial Intelligence In Ultrasound Imaging

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been rapidly gaining popularity in the medical space, and rightly so since it has the capacity to increase the accuracy of procedures and improve patient outcomes. In essence, artificial intelligence is the capability of a computer-controlled system or robot to undertake and perform jobs that are typically carried out by human beings.

Artificial Intelligence In Ultrasound Imaging

One frequently-used area of healthcare that the innovation of AI has been employed to is ultrasound imaging. The use of artificial intelligence can help enhance an already efficient process so as to achieve even better results. In a research article published by PubMed, a survey was carried out to determine how artificial intelligence assisted ultrasound imaging in improving clinical workflow. The survey results determined that the use of AI models in ultrasound imaging facilitated a number of opportunities leading to the provision of “real-time assessment of image quality, enhanced image acquisition, detection of diseases, objective diagnosis, and an optimized ultrasound clinical workflow.”

Along with those identified from the survey, artificial intelligence can improve the ultrasound process in several other ways, such as increasing image enhancement for radiography, aid with the navigation to locate anatomical sites, take required measurements, etc. The varying level of assistance provided by AI-powered ultrasound has resulted in it becoming a routine clinical process in most facilities and procedures.

Also, the fast-growing adoption of AI in ultrasound imaging is partly due to the need for accurate and efficient acquisition and assessment of ultrasound images. Applying AI to ultrasound in clinical practice is a commendable choice as it is the most regularly used form of imaging. This integration has proven beneficial to both clinicians and patients.


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