Giving - Smartalpha

Since the beginning, we have prioritized world gains over our gains.

We are aware of prevalent issues such as limited or no access to technology in some African countries. In this big continent, assisting attempts to improve living standards is of utmost importance since these African countries are faced with more obstacles compared to other developing regions of the world..

Despite SmartAlpha’s high R&D expenditures and tightly balanced revenue, we've initiated and executing '$1 in Africa' program which aims to further facilitate the share of its resources with African people. With this program, all software licenses are priced at $1 until the sustainability of “$1 in Africa” program in the following beautiful countries:

Benin,Burkina Faso,Chad,Eritrea,Ethiopia,Guinea-Bissau,Liberia,Madagascar,Malawi,Mozambique,Niger,Rwanda,Sierra Leone,The Gambia,Togo,Uganda

Please contact SmartAlpha about your inquiries and details of the program.