Career - Smartalpha

We are named as #1 place to work, by our employees, among their previous experiences.


We know what makes a team member unhappy, insecure and bored. That is why we avoid anyof those elements affecting our members. Instead, we have smart working scheme, personal development opportunities, spin-offs, rocket-big targets, well-deserved income, and a lot of fun. We are a fully flat, incredibly transparent and a productive start-up with an engineered, highly professional multicultural work environment. Who wouldn’t like vanilla ice cream?


When a team needs a new member, that team’s members choose and decide on the player they need. Each new member receives the following salary and benefits.


We provide multiple base wage amounts as the base salary. The base wage is determined according to the member’s location.


While expecting your immediate on-boarding and production, we strongly support you to take required trainings on the way. Hence, we’ll pay the full amount of online trainings you need. All our members have the right to receive personal incentive compensation,including company stock option regarding his/her loyalty and contribution to Rockets. You’ll receive a meal ticket every month. You’re free to spend it each month or keep for later use. It’s yours. You may want to use your own personal computer for work. In this case, you’ll receive BYOD payment each month. For the sake of our health and fun office atmosphere; free snacks, fresh fruits, hot and cold drinksand parties on our huge terrace is a must!