SmartAlpha is an independent, fast growing company with restless top notch talents.

We are a team of 12* scientist and engineers mastering Artificial Intelligence. From the first day, we are not a conventional company and we do not intend to become one. SmartAlpha is also not intending to be a consumer brand — but it rather acts as a management entity. SmartAlpha products have their independence, may develop their own brands, and welcome their own investors.

Above all else, all members of SmartAlpha are dedicated to the code that each time we come along a crossroad during our R&D activities, we choose to take the way of good. The good of science, humanbeings, the environment, and the ecosystem.

Note for competitors and talent hunters who are interested in our workfellows:
Our team members are laser focused on SmartAlpha’s success right now. Keeping in mind that we are holding company’s stock-options and working literally in a unique environment, we’ll only welcome those who intent to contribute to our success, in other words seek 'cooperation'. If this is the case, please fill in the information request form so that we can contact you for further discussions.

*As of January 2020